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Blog Feedback Package


“I don’t have time to read through thousands of blogging articles to work out what I need to do to attract more readers. I just want someone to tell me.”

“I want someone with blogging, writing and design experience to look at my blog and give me honest, constructive feedback.”

“I wish I could look at my blog through someone else’s eyes to really know what I need to do to make it better.”

“I need actionable strategies, recommendations and resources to help me take my blog up a notch, and I need them fast.”

… sound familiar?


The Problem

There’s lots of great content available online to help you improve your blog. The trouble is, you have to sift through lots of mediocre information to get to it. It takes forever and you don’t have time for that.


The Dream

Wouldn’t it be great if an experienced blogger could look at your blog and give you honest, constructive feedback, as well as an action plan and resources to improve it? Think of the time you could save.


The Solution

With over ten years’ blogging experience, an obsessive-compulsive eye for detail and brain bursting with ideas, I will undertake a review of your blog and video the entire process, so you don’t miss a thing.

"Martine's advice was kind, constructive and professional. She helped to focus my direction and to see my blog with fresh eyes. The whole experience was fast, detailed and with a strong action plan to take my blog and content to the next level."

"I recommended her services to every blogger who wants to give their site a fresh outlook."

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What's Included in this service?

  • A targeted feedback video of your blog (approximate length 15-30 minutes, lifetime access)
  • A list of resources and links mentioned in the video
  • A detailed action plan
  • An opportunity for questions and answers after you’ve received the video (one email exchange)
  • Access to further support at a special, VIP rate

Who Am I?

I’m Martine Ellis, and I work with bloggers, podcasters and creative business owners to help them develop their online presence and ultimately turn their passion into profit.

With over 10 years’ blogging experience, and having run several successful creative businesses, I am uniquely placed to understand the challenges you face.

When I’m away from my computer, I can usually be found chasing after my dog on one of Guernsey’s beautiful beaches.

Contact me directly on

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you give me feedback on a specific aspect of my blog?

Yes. When you purchase this package, you’ll be emailed a questionnaire to kick-start the review process. The questionnaire will only take a few minutes to complete, but it will help me tailor my feedback to meet your specific needs.

What if my blog is perfect and you have no feedback?

I’ll work closely with you to understand your aims for your blog, and as such, I’m confident I’ll be able to provide valuable feedback. However, if you are not satisfied, I’ll give you your money back.

How long does the feedback process take?

Once you have made your payment and completed the questionnaire, I will endeavour to return your feedback to you within a week. If for whatever reason, this is not achievable (as there is only one of me) I will contact you and let you know as soon as possible.

What if I don't understand some of the feedback you give me?

I’ll make every effort to ensure my feedback is easy to understand, even for brand new bloggers. However, you will have to opportunity to ask for clarification on any points in an email exchange after you’ve watched the feedback video.

I have a question you've not answered here. Can I email you?

Certainly. Please contact me directly by email:

I've purchased the feedback package. What happens now?

Thank you. You will be asked to book a time slot for me to complete your review and make a payment. Once your payment has cleared, you should receive an email from me including a link to a questionnaire. Please complete the questionnaire at your earliest convenience and then I can start looking at your blog.