How to Get Organised Online: My Five Top Tools

How to Get Organised Online: My Five Top Tools

Do You Need to Get Organised Online?

This is a blog post about filing. I'll try to make sure it's not eligible for "The Most Boring Blog Post Ever" Award!

My filing was out of control until I started using these five top tools:

1. Google Drive

Last year I switched from Microsoft Office to G Suite (formerly Google Apps for Work). Google Drive is my home, work and business admin hub. It's where I store many things and also create documents such as blog post outlines, spreadsheets and presentations.

As part of my teaching day job (that's half my week), I train my teaching colleagues to use technology for learning. Google is a big part of that as we are making the switch to G Suite. I am a Google Certified Educator so it made sense to switch my personal and business admin across to Google. I have three Google accounts - work, business and home.

2. iCloud Drive

iCloud Drive is Mac's Google Drive equivalent in terms of cloud storage. You can store and edit a wide variety of documents in iCloud. This is one advantage it has over Google Drive which favours Google documents. However, Google Drive is great for creating and collaborating on native Google documents. Both products have advantages and disadvantages, so I try and use both in the ways they are strongest.

One of the best things about iCloud Drive is that the desktop of my Mac syncs to iCloud. I save a lot (temporarily) to my desktop, so this is extremely helpful. It means my desktop is accessible from all devices.

I save design assets, podcast files and photos to iCloud.

3. Pocket

Pocket is my random repository for anything interesting a see when I am online (grabbed using the Pocket Chrome extension). This tends to be articles, useful websites etc. It's a "Read it Later" file.

4. Pinterest

Pinterest is my visual inspiration repository.

The things I put in Pinterest are pretty. I usually pin from within Pinterest (re-pin) - it's rare I pin from the wider web. I do, however, try and remember to pin my own content to various Pinterest boards as it's a great source of web traffic.

5. Workflowy

Workflowy is my outlining/to-do  list app of choice. I share my love for Workflowy in this blog post.

That's me. Where do you save your stuff?

Blog post updated: 11 December 2016