Episode 2 Group Hugs Optional

Episode 2 Group Hugs Optional

The one where I realise accountability partnerships don't always involve group hugs.

Show Notes

It's episode two. It feels like I've never been away from the microphone. Today's episode topic is accountability. But before we start, this is the plan for the podcast moving forward:

Podcasts will be released weekly and will last 10 to 15 minutes. The content will be actionable. Topics will include creativity, business without buzzwords and tech.

The podcast isn't on iTunes yet, but it will be as soon as I have three episodes. It will also be on Stitcher and other podcast directories.

Accountability Partner

If you're like me, you love a good business blog, podcast or book/audiobook. Particularly if it also covers creativity and productivity. If this is you,  you will have probably come across the term "accountability partner". The term makes me cringe a bit as it sounds like there are group hugs involved. Is it just me?

I need to learn to not judge a book by its cover or an idea by its slightly cheesy title. Accountability partnerships are interesting and useful things - I'm in one.

Let's rewind a moment though and look at what an accountability partner is. The term originated in religious circles. People would pair up together to help each other do good things. It was a support mechanism.

Here's a definition: "Accountability partner" as defined on Wikipedia (so it must be true).

My Accountability Partner

My accountability partnership has nothing to do with religion or bad things. The principle is similar though. We are two busy people with business goals who check in with each other monthly.

Shinybees (Jo) the lovely lady behind The Golden Skein is my accountability partner.

How Our Meetings Work

We chat every month via Facetime and it lasts about an hour. We have a Google Docs agenda and space for action points. When I set action points I don't use SMART (prefer "specific and realistic").

Using Google Docs the whole process is structured and focussed. Structure works well for me - that's why Workflowy runs my life.

Asking For Help

One of the reasons I thought the idea of accountability partnership was a bit strange (before I was in one) is that I'm uncomfortable asking for help. Rather than reflect on this too much (it's a short episode) I'm simply going to recommend this:

The Art of Asking by Amanda Palmer

Amanda Palmer's TED talk

It's helped me a lot.

Drop Me a Line

Let me know if you start an accountability partnership or if you have questions martine@martineellis.com. Thanks for tuning in.