Episode 14 My Turf

Episode 14 Moving from Squarespace to Wordpress.org

The one where I explain my recent decision to move from Squarespace to Wordpress.

Show Notes

Welcome to episode 14 of the Creative Me podcast, thanks for tuning in. In this episode, I will be talking about why I moved my website from Squarespace to Wordpress. Several people have asked about it, so I thought I'd explain on the podcast.

Before I start, I have a quick book update for you. I have got to the stage in the book where I need to revisit my outline. The writing is flowing, things are going well, but I think I need to be writing in more detail. The book is aimed at people new to promoting their business online so detail is important.

Ever since I made the decision to niche down things seem to be falling into line. I have a new freelance client and things just feel right.

Squarespace v Wordpress

If you want to compare Squarespace to Wordpress, check out this article: Squarespace v Wordpress.


Squarespace is an "out of the box" website product but it enables you to create a sophisticated looking site.It is surprisingly easy to use, even for non-techies. The support is great. Hosting is included in your monthly fee.

You can check out Squarespace's pricing here, and here is a Squarespace discount code.

Squarespace is worth every penny. It's easy to maintain and you can make your website look great.


There are two different Wordpress options, self-hosted (.org) or Wordpress-hosted (.com). Below you will find links to both options, as well as a link to an article which explains the difference between the two. I am using a self-hosted installation of Wordpress.

Wordpress (self hosted)

Wordpress (.com)

wordpress.com v wordpress.org

Wordpress.org is an open source platform. This means third parties have access to the code and can build themes and plugins (tools to extend the functionality of your website). This is, in the main, fabulous, as you can really customise your site. However, as themes and plugins are built by third parties, you could install something that breaks your site. You need to be sufficiently confident with technology to troubleshoot this. When I was last with Wordpress, I was not particularly technical and it was all a little stressful. Now I am far more confident.


TSOhost is my website host. They are based in the UK and so far the support I have received has been excellent.

Online Courses

Another reason for moving from Squarespace to Wordpress is I would like to offer online courses at some point and I want to do this on my own website rather than on someone else's turf.

Here are the third party course platforms I mentioned in the episode:




Your Turf

The biggest reason for creating my platform on Worpdress is that I own everything. I am building my platform on my own turf.

Squarespace was a good start for me. You could do worse than starting there. Alternatively, consider starting with wordpress.com then migrate to wordpress.org.

Drop Me a Line

If you want to chat more, email me martine@martineellis.com or on social media. Thanks for listening.