Episode 17 Pin-worthy Launch

Episode 18 Pin-worthy Launch

The one where I launch a free online course about Pinterest.

Please note, my Pinterest course is temporarily unavailable while I work on building a brand new, improved course behind the scenes. If you'd like to be emailed when the new course is ready, please join my VIP List.

Show Notes

Hello and welcome to episode 17 of the Creative Me podcast. I'm horribly behind with blog posts, podcast episode and email newsletters, but with good reason.

Guernsey Pride

In my old podcast, iMake, I had a Guernsey section of the show and, while I don't have this kind of feature in Creative Me, I am going to make an exception today. Guernsey did a good thing yesterday by holding its first ever Pride event. Better late than never. I was proud to be part of it and to celebrate diversity.

The Write Life

I'm delighted to have a guest post featured on The Write Life.

Free Pinterest Course

Behind the scenes, I've been working away at an online course. Online courses have always been part of my master plan. Producing online courses combines my love of teaching, creativity, technology and business.

After a lot of research into course platforms (including Skillshare and Teachable), I opted to build my platform off the back of my Wordpress website. I talked about moving from Squarespace to Wordpress in podcast episode 14.

I used the LearnDash Wordpress plugin.

Let me tell you about the course. It's called "How to Create Gorgeous Pin-worthy Images for Pinterest" (no budget or design skills required).

Why Free?

I want to get to know the platform, get feedback and find out what type of courses my followers want.

Thanks to Clare and Sharon for their help with testing the course.

If you want to know more about course planning, I'd be happy to do an episode on that - email me.

TTFN - thanks for tuning in.