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There are a phenomenal number of steps involved in publishing a blog post. If you find you forget steps sometimes, perhaps you need a blog post workflow.

What is a Workflow?

A workflow is simply a list of steps required to complete a task. That’s it. For some reason the word “workflow” makes the concept sound waaaay more complicated than it is!

If you have tasks with lots of steps involved, and you complete these tasks often, then it is helpful to have a workflow outlining the process. Creating a blog post is a prime example.

My Workflow Obsession

I have a variety of workflows saved in my Business Blueprint Trello board. Each workflow is a separate card with a checklist, and I copy that card across to different boards as needed.

Screen Shot 2016 10 14 at 18.12.15
Screen Shot 2016 10 14 at 18.12.15

Unsurprisingly, workflows also work well in Workflowy!

Workflows in Google Docs

That said, you don’t need an exclusive app to create a workflow. They work just as well typed up in, for example, a Google Doc.

Check out this cool workaround for making a regular, bulleted list in a Google Doc, into a checklist.

  • Create a bulleted list using the square, checkbox style bullets (as demonstrated in this list).
  • Double left click the bullet point you want to check off to select it.
  • Right click and select a “tick”.
Podcast Workflow Checklist
Podcast Workflow Checklist

Workflows I Use Every Week

I use the following workflows every single week:

  • Blog post workflow
  • Podcast workflow
  • Client specific social media workflows.

You can get a copy of my podcast workflow here: Episode 20 How is a Podcast Episode Made? If you’d like a copy of my blog post workflow, read on to the end of this post.

My client specific social media workflows kinda do what they say on the tin. Some of my clients like me to schedule their social media for them on a weekly basis. Typically it would be when they have a blog post go live. To ensure I don’t miss a step, I create a checklist workflow for each client in Trello and go through the same steps every week.

What About You?

Do you use lists or workflows to organise your business tasks? Tell me in the comments, I’d love to know :-)

Get Your Free Blog Post Workflow

If you’d like a sneaky peek at my blog post creation process, or you are reviewing your own blogging workflow, then click the black button below. I will email you both an editable Google Doc and PDF version of my workflow. As it is a working document, you will find I update it regularly. I’ll ping you an email if there are any major updates.