Free Blog Content Calendar Template for Trello

Free Blog Content Calendar Template for Trello

I’ve been using Trello to manage my blog content for the past few months, and I love it. Here’s why...

Trello Content Calendar

Save Your Ideas

Having one trusted place, where I can note down any blog or podcast ideas at any time, is essential. Trello makes this easy. I have the Trello app on all my devices, and there is a web-based version too, so any time inspiration hits, it goes straight into Trello.

An Actual Calendar

You can activate the calendar power-up on a Trello board. This is really handy for getting a visual overview of when your blog posts go live. If you allocate each blog post a card in Trello, as well as a due date (the date the post goes live) it will show up in the calendar.

Because… Colour Coding

If, like me, you produce different types of content on your blog, for example, blog posts, podcast episodes and resources, you can utilise Trello’s coloured labels. Who doesn’t love a bit of colour coding, right?

Tweak it

Trello is infinitely flexible as a content calendar. You can tweak it to meet your needs.

For example, I am going through the process of updating the show notes and images on previous podcast episodes. I have a list set up in Trello to ensure the right episodes get updated.

You could also include sections on your board for guest blog post submissions. Personally, I track this on a Google Sheet, as I don’t guest post frequently. However, having guest post publication dates on your calendar could be helpful.


I live for checklists. Trello’s checklist feature is great because you can set up a master list and easily copy it across to different places. I use checklists as workflows. An example of this is my blog and podcast publishing process. I have each outlined in checklists to ensure I don’t miss any steps.

Want a Free Template?

I have set up a board template with helpful notes for you to copy across to your own Trello. 

I’ve also included my blog and podcast workflow checklists as a bonus. These lists have really helped me streamline my content creation process. I hope they help you too.

If you don’t have a Trello account already (whaaatt??), you will need to sign up for one. Sign up here.

Then click the button below and I will email you a link to your template.


P.S. if you've just started using Trello and you aren't sure which boards to set up, check out my Eight Trello Board Templates for Creative Business Owners and Bloggers (includes tutorial video).

P.P.S. This GIF shows you how to copy the template across to your own Trello account:

Copy Board