Episode 23 An Interview With Email Marketing Expert Nicole Murphy

Episode 23 An Interview With Email Marketing Expert Nicole Murphy

The one where I chat to Nicole Murphy from learntoloveemail.com about email marketing.

I’d normally do a transcript for podcast show notes. However, it’s a bit tricky when there are two people talking (my dictation software doesn’t like it). Therefore today’s show notes are a bit shorter than normal.


In today’s episode, I interview Nicole Murphy from learntoloveemail.com. We’re talking email marketing.


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Why is Email Marketing Important?

You own those email addresses. What happens if social media went away tomorrow?

It’s not as scary or intimidating as you might think.

Top Tips For Getting Started With Email Marketing

  1. Start collecting email addresses.
  2. Get a platform (MailChimp and Convertkit are recommended options).
  3. Send that first email… don’t overthink it. Just send!
  4. Try sending different types of emails (newsletters, glimpses behind the scenes, etc).
  5. Start using automation such as an automatic welcome email when people subscribe.


  • A small, engaged email list is way better than a large unresponsive list. It’s not about the numbers.
  • Learn from other people’s email newsletters. Don't copy - but learn.
  • Keep an eye on those unsubscribes - if the number gets too high then it’s a good idea to assess the reasons.
  • If you are using a giveaway to grow your list make sure your prize is really targeted in order to keep entrants on your list.
  • Collect emails now!

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