The One Simple Reason You're Struggling to Attract More Blog Readers

The One Simple Reason You're Struggling to Attract More Blog Readers

Struggling to Attract More Blog Readers?

When it comes to crafting the perfect blog post, look matter. I mean, they really matter.

If you’re struggling to attract more blog readers, I’m willing to bet your images are the problem.

Blog Reader Behaviour

The content consumption habits of prospective blog readers have changed.

Once upon a time, loyal blog fans used an RSS feed reader and subscribed to a select few, favourite blogs. They’d read every single post a blogger wrote.

They didn’t need to actively seek out new blogs - they were happy with their lot. They treated their favourite blogs a bit like a magazine subscription.

This approach made life pretty easy for established bloggers. All they had to do was put out reasonable content, fairly consistently and readers were satisfied.

Things are a bit different now. Can you guess why?

Content Overwhelm

Prospective blog readers are bombarded with a massive amount of content via social media (and content consumers spend a lot of time on social media!) It can become overwhelming. In response, content consumption habits have adapted.

Case Study

I consume a lot of online content, and as such, make a pretty decent case study.

This is what I do:

I use Pinterest to discover new blogs. I search topics in my niche and click on pins that are visually appealing. Then I choose to “read more”. If once I’ve read the blog post, I like the writing style and content. I’ll read more posts. And I might subscribe to the blog’s email newsletter.

I’ll sometimes take a similar approach on Twitter and in Facebook groups.

I don’t use an RSS feed reader anymore. If I discover a blog I love, I subscribe to their email newsletter.

Why Looks Matter

I'm not alone. This approach to consuming content is now very common, and as such, the images you use in blog posts are essential to “get you in the door” with new readers.

Think of it like applying for a job. If your CV looks bad, you are not likely to get an interview.

This is why your blog images are stopping you attracting more blog readers.

Do You Need to Improve Your Images?

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. If you take your own blog photos, are they well lit, sharp, thoughtfully composed and visually appealing?
  2. If you use stock photos, do you add text and overlays to personalise them?
  3. Are your blog photos branded with your logo and website?
  4. Do you produce a variety of images for your blog posts, optimised for different social media platforms?
  5. Do your blog images reflect your blog’s brand and personality?
  6. Are your images optimised for the web?
  7. Do you consider SEO when producing images for your blog?

If you’ve answered “no” to any of these questions, your images need work.

How to Improve Your Blog Images

In my next blog post, I am going to share some practical steps you can take to improve your blog images. To be notified when this post goes live, all you need to do is subscribe to my VIP list (for free). Click the button below to sign up (bonuses included).