How to Resize Images for All Social Media Fast [Video Tutorial]

How to Resize Images for All Social Media Fast

In my last blog post (How to Optimise Your Blog Images and Attract More Readers) I mentioned the importance of creating multiple versions of your main blog image. The idea behind this is you create images optimised (in other words, the right size) to display beautifully on each platform.

Image Sizes I Use

I create the following “versions” of my main blog image:

  • Square image for Instagram and as my main blog header/featured image (1080 x 1080 px)
  • Tall image for Pinterest (1102 x 735 px)
  • Image for Facebook, Linkedin and G+ (940 x 788 px)
  • Image for Twitter (1024 x 512 px)

Sounds time-consuming, right? Well, it was.

Enter Canva for Work

Then I discovered Canva’s magic resize feature. Game changer.

Now, before you get too excited, it is a feature of Canva for Work - this is not the free version of Canva. Wait! Keep reading…

You can get a 30-day free trial of Canva for Work here, so you can try it out totally commitment-free. I believe the magic resize feature alone is worth the money if I calculate the amount of time it has saved me.

Canva for Work costs US$9.95 if you pay annually (I am not an affiliate, by the way, I just LOVE this feature). Upgrading gives you access to some other cool features too - I mention these in the video below, as well as walking you through magic resize.

Video Tutorial - How to Resize Images

Here’s a quick tutorial demonstrating magic resize as well as some other cool features of Canva for Work.