Video Tutorial: How to Use Pinterest With Pocket

Video Tutorial: How to Use Pinterest With Pocket

I have a nifty little Pinterest trick to share with you.

How I Use Pinterest

Pinterest is a valuable social media tool for me. I have carefully curated my boards so they reflect content that would interest my ideal customer. I intermingle my content with other people's and contribute to group boards.

Pin With Care

It's, therefore, important that when I pin other people's content, I have read the article or blog post I'm pinning. If I pin bad content or broken links, it reflects poorly on me.

Read First, Pin Later

Reading every pinned article before making a decision whether or not to re-pin it, was becoming time-consuming though.

What I really wanted was a way to bookmark pins that looked worth a read, then read them later when I had time. After that, I could decide whether or not I was going to re-pin them. Ideally, I'd also have the option of sharing the content on my other social media platforms...

It's not too much to ask, is it?

The Solution

It turns out; there is a solution, and that's what I will show you in the video below.

This little bit of magic involves an IFTTT applet and one of my favourite web apps, Pocket