Save Time With My Social Media Management Toolkit

Save Time With My Social Media Management Toolkit

Following my most recent podcast episode (Episode 32 Does Social Media Automation Kill Authenticity?) I thought it would be a good idea to explain my social media management toolkit. I always find it interesting to take a look a the processes and tools other bloggers and business owners use - I hope you do too. As I explained in podcast episode 32, I use several automation tools for social media, but before we talk tools, let’s talk process.

Sharing My Own Content

The diagram below shows how I share my content on social media.

Sharing Other People’s Content

This diagram explains how I share other people’s content.

Social Media Management Tools

Now let’s talk platforms and tools.

My Social Media Platforms

I have a presence following platforms:

  • Facebook page*
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn (I don’t use this much)
  • Google+ (I’m only here in case it helps my Google ranking)

*I also have a Facebook group, but it is not included in the process diagrams because I don’t often share my content there (unless in self-promotion threads). I do, however, automate our weekly discussion threads through Buffer, just so I don’t forget to post them!


Here goes:

Buffer: this is my main social media scheduling tool. It’s connected to my Facebook page and group, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Instagram. It can connect to Pinterest too, but I don’t use it for that. I have the Awesome Plan which costs $10 a month.

Smarter Queue: this is the tool I used to recycle my evergreen content (in other words, re-share content from my blog and podcast that isn’t date specific - it won’t “age” quickly). Smarter Queue works with Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Soon it will be connected to Google+ and Pinterest. It also connects to Bitly which works well for me as I have a vanity URL attached to Bitly so all of my shortlinks are I have the Solo Beta Plan which costs £12.99 a month (although I have paid yearly so benefitted from a discount).

Pinterest Chrome Extension: I save content from my own website to Pinterest using this Chrome extension. It’s free.

BoardBooster: I use BoardBooster to schedule my Pinterest pins. I pin a combination of my own content and other people’s content. Usually, when pinning other people’s content, I do so from within Pinterest (simply because I am lazy!) BoardBooster allows you to work within Pinterest - this is one thing I love about it. It creates secret versions of all of the boards you want to pin to. You pin to the secret boards, then BoardBooster re-pins to the actual boards in line with your set schedule. It has some other cool features too (such as pin looping), but this is the feature I use the most. BoardBooster charges per pin, and your first 100 pins are free.

Quuu: this tool enables you to select a variety of interest categories, then Quuu hand-picks content in line with those categories and sends it to your Buffer. You have the option of reviewing what Quuu selects for you. There are a variety of pricing tiers including a free option. I managed to secure lifetime access for a reduced fee thanks to an AppSumo deal.

Pocket: this is a read it later too, a bit like Instapaper. You can send online content to Pocket to save it. Once you’ve read it, if you want to, you can share the content easily to Buffer. Pocket is a free, highly recommended tool.

Authentic Engagement

These tools save me a phenomenal amount of time. But (there’s always a but) they will never be a replacement for authentic engagement.

What’s not mentioned in my processes above is the fact that spend time on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram daily, engaging with my followers, as well as people I follow, in order to establish and enjoy authentic relationships. You cannot automate that - and even if you could, I wouldn’t want to.

Over to You

Let me know in the comments if you automate any of your social media management, and if you do, how you do it. I’d love to hear from you.


If you are interested in the process that I go through to create my own content, you might like to download my Blog Post Workflow Checklist below.