How to Add More Than One Clickable Link to Your Instagram Profile

How to Add More Than One Clickable Link to Your Instagram Profile

One of my biggest frustrations with Instagram is the fact that you are only allowed one clickable link for the whole of your account (the link in your profile).

Link in Profile

Because of this, quite often, you’ll see Instagramers changing their profile link frequently to relate to their most recent Instagram post.

For example, I publicise my recent blog posts and podcast episodes on Instagram. So I could change my profile link to the most recent post or episode every time, and state in my image caption “link in profile”.

It’s a bit of the pain, though. And I usually forget.

Enter Linktree

Every now and again, someone comes up with an idea that’s so simple, but so brilliant, that you wish you’ve thought of it yourself…

Check out

Linktree is a free (yes, free!) service that allows you to set up a page of links. You then add the page’s URL to your Instagram profile. Simple.

Here’s how it works:

How to Set Up Linktree

To set up Linktree, all you need to do is pop over to their website and connect your Instagram account. After that, just input the links you want to share.

You’ll never have to change the link in your profile again. All you need to do is add new links to Linktree.


An alternative solution would be to set up a page for links on your own website and share the page on your Instagram profile. 

Whatever you decide, I think it’s fair to say the nice folks at Linktree saw a problem and came up with a simple, elegant solution. For that reason alone, I'll be using Linktree,