Everything You Need to Know About Pinterest Group Boards

Everything You Need to Know About Pinterest Group Boards

The Fuss About Pinterest Group Boards

If you are a creative blogger/business owner/entrepreneur, chances are you are on Pinterest. You've probably cottoned on to the fuss that's made about group boards too. 

In this post, I'll explain everything you need to know about Pinterest group boards.

What is a Group Board?

A group board kinda does what it says on the tin. According to Pinterest:

“Group boards are great for planning projects, brainstorming party ideas or simply sharing ideas with a group. All you have to do is add someone as a collaborator, and you're ready to start saving Pins together.”

So a group board is a regular board with more than one contributor.

What’s the Big Deal About Pinterest Group Boards?

Participating in a group board is an excellent way to share your content with a new audience (that’s assuming the group board’s rules permit sharing your own content - more on that in a moment).

Group boards are often carefully curated, so if you are looking for inspiration in a niche area, a group board will be a great starting point.

If you continuously pin high-value content to a group board (a balance of your own content and other people’s), there is a good chance your follower numbers will get a boost.

If you start group boards relating to your niche, you can learn a lot about your contributors from the type of content they pin. Most likely they will pin problem-solving articles - this gives you a good idea of their pain points.

Knowing people’s pain points is the key to creating your content, products and services.

Finally, collaborating on Pinterest group boards is a fantastic networking opportunity.

How to Find Group Boards

There are several ways to find group boards in your niche.

One of the easiest ways is PinGroupie.

PinGroupie is a huge directory of group boards, broken down into:

  • Category
  • Pins
  • Collaborators
  • Followers
  • Likes
  • Repins

Have a look at the site and select a few boards to approach. I recommend you focus on boards that have a high engagement level (likes and repins) rather than high pin and contributor numbers. That way you own pins won’t get lost.

The Pin Junkie also has a directory page that’s worth a look for certain niches.

If you really want to up your Pinterest game, you can use Boardbooster to find group boards too. This is just one feature of Boardbooster - it also allows you to schedule and loop pins and helps with group board management.

How to Join Group Boards

Once you have located a few group boards you are interested in joining, here’s what you need to do.

1. Follow the Board

First, follow the board (no brainer, I hope) and repin some of the board’s content. It’s polite and shows you are genuinely interested in contributing.

2. Who Created the Board?

Next, you need to work out who the board creator is. Here’s an example of a group board I contribute to called Creative Entrepreneurs.

Click on the + button.

Everything You Need to Know About Pinterest Group Boards

The creator is the person at the top of the Collaborators list and is clearly labelled.

Everything You Need to Know About Pinterest Group Boards

3. Follow the Board Creator

You should then follow the board creator.

4. Check the Board Description

After that, have a look at the board description to check the on the process for asking to contribute to the board. Follow these instructions. 

Have a look at this example:

Everything You Need to Know About Pinterest Group Boards

All you need to do is comment on a pin to be added as a contributor in this case. However, all boards a different. For example, this is one of my boards:

Everything You Need to Know About Pinterest Group Boards

As you can see, I ask prospective contributors to do a little more. This is because I need to manually add people to the board and requesting an email with a particular subject line allows me to manage this process more efficiently.

The board description should also explain the group board's rules. Pay careful attention to these.

5. Contact the Board Creator

You then need to contact the board creator, in exactly the way they have requested, and ask to contribute to the board.

The creator is under no obligation to add you to their board, so I suggest you are friendly when you make contact, and perhaps tell the creator why you are keen to contribute. Don’t waffle on too much, though, as the board creator probably gets a lot of requests.

6. Log Your Progress

This step is entirely optional, but if you are reaching out to quite a few group boards, it’s a good idea to make a note of which boards you have contacted, when, and the response.

How to Start Group Boards

Setting up a group board is simple. It’s the same as setting up a regular Pinterest board; only you need to add a contributor. Here’s how you do it.

  1. White arrow: click the + button on your board
  2. Purple arrow: add the person’s Pinterest username (or email) to invite them
Everything You Need to Know About Pinterest Group Boards

Your invitee will receive a notification via Pinterest which they need to accept.

Note: you and your invitee must follow each other on Pinterest for this to work.

Group board owners can:

  • Control who invites people to join the board (i.e. just you, or board members)
  • Remove contributors from the board
  • Remove pins
  • Block people
  • Delete the board

I highly recommend you spend some time writing the board description. It should clearly explain the steps prospective contributors need to take. It should also outline your group board rules.

Feel free to use my board descriptions as a template:

This group board is for all things email marketing appealing to the creative business owner and entrepreneur. Please pin top quality content (including your own content if it fits the board's topic). If you would like to contribute to this board, please follow the board administrator (martineeellis) AND email your request to martine@martineellis.com using the subject PINTEREST GROUP BOARD EMAIL. No SPAM.

You can edit your board description by clicking the pencil icon above the board name.

Join My Boards

If you’d like to join my group boards, I have linked to them below: