Why Trello is the Perfect Project Management Tool

Why Trello Is The Perfect Project Management Tool for Creative Business Owners

I’ve made no secret of the fact that I’m not exactly, well, monogamous, when it comes to productivity apps. I’m always on the lookout for the next big thing.

However, it occurred to me today that I’ve been “going steady” with Trello for a whole year. Surely this must be love?

While I still do “see” Workflowy on the side (for course outlining mainly) Trello is, without a doubt, my one true love when it comes to project management apps.

As a little love note to Trello, I have listed below the ten reasons why Trello is the perfect project management tool for creative business owners.

The Perfect Project Management Tool For Creative Business Owners

  1. It’s free (which, frankly, makes it a no-brainer - you need Trello in your life).

  2. You can use it for almost anything (from organising your meals for the week to plotting world domination).

  3. It can be adapted to fit most productivity systems such as kanban, GTD and Eat That Frog. It’s infinitely flexible.

  4. You can enhance boards with funky power-ups such as the calendar power-up which I use on my content calendar board (grab the template, for free, here).

  5. It’s great for collaboration - in particular, with clients. Every time I take on a new client I set them up with a Trello board for our project.

  6. You can set up and reuse checklists. I do this for processes I go through on a regular basis (such as creating a blog post).

  7. You can use Google's single sign-on to get into Trello (thank you, Trello, for not forcing me to create yet another complicated password!)

  8. Colour coding (because... colour coding!)

  9. You can email information to your boards. I've seen people manage their emails via Trello - fascinating stuff.

  10. You can attach multiple links and documents to cards so your Trello boards become a hub for all business activities. 

Honestly, this is barely scratching the surface. There are hundreds of things I love about Trello.


Well, there is a slight learning curve with Trello. Although their Getting Started Guide is excellent.

Also, it takes some time to decide how you are going to set your boards up and use them. But I've got you covered there.

Trello Templates

I’ve published several free templates on the blog, these are listed below:

Also, I have a bundle of eight Trello templates available in The Lightbulb Academy’s online shop.

The shop bundle includes the following board templates, as well as a comprehensive tutorial video:

  • Business Base Camp
  • Business Goals
  • Client Board
  • Content Calendar
  • Learning
  • Meal Planning
  • Online Course Planning
  • Tasks

These are all of the boards I use to run my creative business, blog, and basically my life!

What About You?

Are you a Trello convert? Are you considering giving it a try? Or do you use a different project management tool?

Do let me know in the comments; I’d love to hear from you.