15 Blog Post Topics For When You Have No Time

15 Blog Post Topics For When You Have No Time

I frequently bang on about the fact that it's important to blog consistently. Ahem... see below:

"Blogging consistently is reeeeeeally important" - Martine Ellis

But what if you've run out of ideas? What if you are too busy to come up with ideas?

Don't worry, I've got you covered.

Here are fifteen blog post topics that will work in virtually any niche.

  1. Interview: interview people who will be of interest to your readers. 
  2. List: readers love a list. Be sure to include links to resources where appropriate, and use a number in your blog post title (for example 15 Blog Post Topics For When You Have No Time) - numbers in titles grab attention.
  3. Round-up: this is a curated post of your content or other people’s content. This can be in a similar format to a list post. Ensure you link back to other people’s content where appropriate. 
  4. Product review: select a product relevant to your niche and review it. If the review is a positive one, this is a good opportunity to include affiliate links (it’s important to mention that the links are affiliate links though).
  5. X versus X: compare products or services. If you are a tech business an example could be Squarespace versus Wordpress.
  6. Event recap: if you’ve attended an event relevant to your niche then report back on it. Share your learning and experience. 
  7. Prediction: these can be fun and work well at the start or end of the year. Predict what will happen over the coming 12 months in your niche.
  8. Media post: use video or audio.
  9. Tutorial/how to X: tutorial posts are incredibly popular and are highly shareable. Ensure your instructions are easy to follow and appeal to lots of different learning preferences. Some people prefer to read instructions, others like photos or video.
  10. Things I wish I’d done differently: these type of posts are really popular as on the face of it, the writer is being quite vulnerable. The reader learns from the blogger's mistakes.
  11. Things you might not know about me: ensure you have a clear idea of your professional boundaries before you write this post (in other words, what you will share online and what you will not). Prospective customers are interested in the human behind your business - that’s the whole point of this engagement malarkey - so they’ll love getting to know you better.
  12. Photo-only post: this won’t fit for every niche, but it can be a fun, occasional post.
  13. Case study: this could be in relation to a recent customer of yours (if they give consent) about how your product has changed their lives.
  14. Tools of the trade: this type of post is one of my favourites. If, for example, you are a surface pattern designer, explain all of the tools you use to create your art. For example your favourite paints, software and websites.
  15. Top tips for X: this is similar to a tutorial style post but not as detailed. These type of posts are best when they include links to further reading (either your content or someone else’s).

By the way, if you are struggling with managing your blogging content, feel free to swipe my content calendar template for Trello.