1 December 2018


I’ve just realised that I have updated my ‘now’ page every month for a whole year. I am so pleased with that!

Here are a few of my achievements for the month:


  • I have a solid book launch plan; the book is currently with my launch team and I am waiting for feedback to come in.

  • I need to start the next book in January.

  • Martine Makes has had a good sales month - I am still not quite sure of what this personal/creative brand of mine wants to be but I am quite happy leaving it morph for now.

  • My bookkeeping is still up-to-date.

  • My phased return to work is nearly over. I am tired. However, I am really enjoying my new job.

  • I am now attending one exercise class a week. I plan to increase to two soon.

What Next?

  • Start coming up with ideas for my new book.

  • Set goals for 2019.

What Am I Reading?