1 September 2018


  • I've had a wonderfully creative summer!

  • The first draft of my book is finished. I am now doing my own edit, then will be sending it to a professional editor. It turned out to be a lot shorter than originally expected, but the content is great so I am happy with that.

  • Health-wise, the past month has been incredibly challenging - not so much in terms of pain, but getting my back operation sorted. It's now going ahead next week. Phew! My achievement is getting through it.

  • I've cycled less this month, but I've still been on my bike at least a few times a week.

  • I have podcasts recorded until the end of December.

  • My hedge veg stall has been very successful.

  • I completed the Seanwes 30 Days to Better Writing Challenge.

  • I also completed the Make it in Design Summer School and really got back in touch with surface pattern design as a result.

  • I introduced a new range of stationery products to my Martine Makes shop.

  • I moved my Martine Makes shop from Squarespace to Shopify and made my first sales.

  • I moved my email list from Converkit to MailChimp and am changing the format of my emails.

Currently Working On

  • Preparing mentally for a month of rest after my operation. There will be knitting, drawing and reading...!

  • Editing my book.

  • Reading ALL THE THINGS in preparation for the new subjects I will be teaching this academic year.

  • Keeping my creative activities going - making art and lettering.

  • Not freaking out about missing the first month of my new job.

What Next?

  • All of the above. I am not planning any more due to recovery time.

What Am I Reading?