2 April 2018


  • Last month I took part in a Google Summit in London as a speaker and it went really well. I am optimistic that it will lead to more opportunities. 
  • At the summit, I promoted my podcast and met some great new contacts.
  • I've been journaling regularly using Day One app and finding the practice really helps.
  • I've consistently published a weekly podcast as planned (with the exception of Easter as the podcast is term-time only).
  • I've employed a virtual assistant to help me with The Teaching Space podcast admin. 
  • I've been really creative this month - lots of knitting and making. I have new crafts to explore which will hopefully lead to more products in the Martine Makes shop.
  • I've done some much-needed restructuring work on my book and hope to get back to it this month.
  • My pain levels have been bad this month, but I have managed to adjust my work output expectations and do not feel too anxious about it. This is, indeed, an achievement!
  • Despite increasing pain levels, I managed to walk to work a week ago and enjoyed it. I plan to do more this coming month.

Currently Working On

  • Regular yoga practice and walking to work.
  • Moving my digital products for The Teaching Space from Samcart to Thinkific (didn't manage this last month).
  • Streamlining my social media for both The Teaching Space and Martine Makes (again, did not quite manage this last month, although improvements have been made). This month I plan to ditch Twitter for Martine Makes and Instagram for The Teaching Space. 

What Next?

  • Easter plans:
    • I need to work on The Teaching Space's digital products range. This includes the book. 
    • Marketing... for everything! I'm so bad at this. 
    • Martine Makes - new products.
    • THE BOOK.

What Am I Reading?