27 February 2019


How is it possible to be two months in to the year already? This month:

  • I had a coaching session with an artist I admire and really started to nail down my style. Consequently I am no longer ‘blocked’ and have been drawing lots.

  • I’ve been doing lots of self-care work this month including experimenting with new recipes and researching diet culture.

  • I’ve stuck to my theme for the year - see below.

  • Made some new art for my shop and update the look of the website.

  • Decided to pause book 2 until I settle on an idea. I have no reason to rush the process.

  • I’ve kept up-to-date with my podcast schedule.

What Next?

  • Keep making art.

  • Explore the logistics and costs involved in professionally printing my own art to consider entering the personalised market.

  • Keep up my self-care schedule (see below).

Theme for the Year Update

My theme for the year is health and wellbeing. Here’s what I have done this month in keeping with my theme:

  • Not run that much - instead, I have walked. This is an achievement because my body has not wanted me to run. There’s been a little pain (nothing I am too concerned about but nevertheless, it is a signal for me to take it easier, so I have).

  • Enjoyed half term and really rested.

  • Enjoyed a lovely massage.

  • I baked!

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