27 January 2019


I can’t lie - January is not my favourite month. But as Januarys go, this one has not been so bad. This month I:

  • Released my book on Amazon (for Kindle) and Kobo.

  • Stuck to my theme for the year - see below.

  • Generally felt organised and in control.

  • Made some new art for my shop.

  • Booked a creative coaching session with an artist I admire to help me with nailing down my style (a massive creative barrier for me).

What Next?

  • After my creative coaching session above I am looking forward to getting unblocked and to making lots of art.

  • Start thinking about book 2 - still not sure on the theme.

  • Keep up the running.

Theme for the Year Update

My theme for the year is health and wellbeing. Here’s what i have done this month in keeping with my theme:

  • Started a Couch to 5K programme.

  • Missed just a couple of runs due to listening to my body (that’s a big win for me!)

  • Enjoyed a lovely massage.

  • Tried some new, nutritious recipes.

  • Cleared my system of all my regular medications (I have had to go on a short course of antibiotics for sinusitis but otherwise, I’m clear!)

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