29 December 2018

Reflection on 2018

Rather than focus on my achievements for the month, now felt like a good time to reflect on my biggest achievements of 2018. So… what went well?

What Next? (AKA Goals for 2019)

I plan to keep things simple in 2019 as I will be working full-time until summer break. So here are my three goals for 2019:

  1. Personal: there will be no diets and no crazy exercise regimes… instead I will simply ask myself “what would a healthy person do?” I’m also committing to a monthly massage starting next week.

  2. The Teaching Space: I will write and publish book two and continue growing the podcast and releasing episodes consistently.

  3. Martine Makes: I will focus on making art prints and stationery in 2019.

My theme for the year is: health and wellbeing.