31 March 2019


March has not been a great month if I am honest. I have felt very tired and not up to much. However, there have been achievements:

  • I made a new product for my Martine Makes shop.

  • I’ve read and researched lots for my Advanced Teacher Status (ATS) qualification.

  • I’ve been hard at work in the day job.

  • I got the cash together that I needed to buy my printer. Just need to find more time to make art now!

What Next?

  • Rest over Easter break!

  • Start making some art tutorial videos.

  • Keep up with my research for ATS.

Theme for the Year Update

My theme for the year is health and wellbeing. Here’s what I have done this month in keeping with my theme:

  • No running - just walking and a little yoga.

  • I am keeping up with my monthly massage habit.

Currently Reading