4 May 2018


  • My biggest achievement this month has been handling my pain levels and adjusting expectations of myself to match.  
  • That said, I have managed to get back to the gym for the first time in ages. Having completed a time study (logging every 15 minutes activity for one week) I worked out that I can survive on less sleep and get up early to go to the gym. I've been going to the gym weekdays at 6.30am and squeezing a swim in at the weekend. I have no doubt that my pain would have been much worse without this.
  • Oh and also, I achieved the age of 40 in April and did not freak out about it too much!
  • Things are working really well with my new VA for The Teaching Space. I have cut the time I spend on podcast creation dramatically. She is worth every penny.
  • I'm keeping up my journaling habit. It's a good start to the day.
  • I'm kept up my podcast schedule and have plans to record in bulk over next week's bank holidays. 
  • I introduced a new product to the Martine Makes shop this month.
  • I set up a shop on The Teaching Space website and got rid of Samcart. 
  • I've been writing! Not daily, but I have written this month and also added some new chapters to the book. I still love this book and am committed to publishing it. I also have some teachers lined up to interview for it. 

Currently Working on

  • Regular workouts.
  • The book!
  • A vision for Martine Makes and The Teaching Space.

What Next?

  • Increase The Teaching Space Podcast listenership. Consider advertising and guest posting. 

What Am I Reading?