30 June 2019


This month’s achievements include:

  • Having another successful market for Martine Makes including a new range of prints.

  • I also have another shop interested in stocking my work.

  • Being ready to submit my Advanced Teacher Status portfolio - just waiting on my mentor to do her bits.

  • I have “gone public” about my hair loss and started a new Instagram about it: instagram.com/themartineellis.

  • I appear to have nearly made it to the end of the academic year working full time!

What Next?

  • Summer preparation (yes, I need to prepare for rest!)

Theme for the Year Update

My theme for the year is health and wellbeing. Here’s what I have done this month in keeping with my theme:

  • Back on track with monthly massages… I need them!

  • Cycled a bit and really enjoyed it.

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