30 May 2019


This month’s achievements include:

  • Having a very successful Sustainable Market debt for Martine Makes.

  • Getting my Martine Makes products stocked at Iris and Dora.

  • Being accepted on my chosen master’s programme (Master’s in Education, starting October!)

  • Getting the podcast out consistently.

  • Getting a new job! Well, sort of… I am now the permanent CPD Manager and Scholarly Lead at Guernsey College.

What Next?

  • I need to get focussed on completing my Advanced Teacher Status submission. Time is running out!

Theme for the Year Update

My theme for the year is health and wellbeing. Here’s what I have done this month in keeping with my theme:

  • Hmmmm…. not a lot! I skipped my massage this month. Looks like I need some self care.

  • However, I socialised with colleagues this month, which is good for well being.

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