30 October 2018


October has also been a recovery month. I’m nearly 2 months post-spinal op and am proud to have taken things slowly. I am definitely feeling the benefit. My back and leg are feeling good and this week I’ve started feeling more energetic.

Here are a few of my achievements for the month:

  • I released a brand new digital product on Martine Makes: Simple Watercolour Leaf Stamps for Procreate.

  • I’ve been making art on my iPad regularly (mostly lettering and digital watercolour).

  • I got my bookkeeping up-to-date - whoop!

  • My phased return to work has started and I am managing my energy well (although it was a bit of a shock to the system).

  • I’ve started cooking again!

  • I have half a chapter left of my book to write…

What Next?

  • I plan to gradually increase my exercise and activity levels.

  • My book will be finished and hopefully edited by this time next month.

What Am I Reading?