31 May 2018


  • I've managed to keep up my weekday morning gym habit and feel better for it.
  • The podcast production process is now running really smoothly and efficiently thanks to my fabulous VA, Tilly.
  • I've invested in some advertising for the podcast and am seeing results.
  • I had a book review published for UKEdChat this month and also appeared on their podcast.
  •  I've decluttered my office and made some positive lifestyle changes to improve my rate of recycling. 
  • I've started using HourStack with Asana and it is increasing my productivity.
  • I'm still journaling. 
  • I've done some writing! But not enough... 

Currently Working On

  • Regular workouts.
  • Getting all podcast episodes recorded in time for my summer break.
  • Writing for education publications. 

What Next?

  • I'm now planning to finish my book over the summer.
  • Also, I am planning some creative activities for the summer. 

What Am I Reading?