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How Can I Help You?

I specialise in supporting artists, makers and other creative entrepreneurs, business owners and bloggers.

Together, we can develop your online identity, share your work with the world and SELL YOUR STUFF!

Through my experience of running several successful creative businesses, I am uniquely positioned to understand the challenges you face.

I'm available to work with you in two different ways.

If you are a creative hobbyist who wants to turn their passion into a business, or you are a blogger who is ready to start earning an income from their blog, I recommend joining The Lightbulb Academy. 

If you are further along in your business journey. you might prefer to hire me directly as a consultant or coach.

Here's a bit more information on both options:

The Lightbulb Academy

The Lightbulb Academy is my exclusive membership site for new(ish) creative business owners and bloggers.

You can learn more about the Academy here:

Consultancy and Coaching

I work with clients on a one-to-one basis, either as a coach or consultant.

What's the difference between coaching and consultancy? I'm so glad you asked.

As your coach, I support you to achieve your own result or outcome. I enable you to solve problems yourself and make positive behaviour changes if needed (you know, all that mindset stuff!) I'll motivate you, help you grow and support you to achieve your goals. Most importantly, I will keep you accountable. 

As your consultant, I work towards a specific project-related goal with you. I'll analyse your goals and work with you to create an action plan to achieve them. I'll use all of my experience to get you the result you want and teach you the skills you don't know.  

Quite often coaching works better for solopreneurs, but I am happy to work either way. If you don't know whether you need a consultant or a coach, don't worry, I can help you decide.

Here are some ways I've worked with clients both on a coaching and consultancy basis:

Email me to find out more, and read what some of my lovely clients have to say about my services below.



    Happy Customers

    "Martine was great. I had a rough idea of what I wanted to do but didn't really know how to articulate it... Martine must be telepathic or something because she nailed it! And every time I asked for something, she came back with something extra I didn't even know I needed! And what was great for me as a newbie blogger and podcaster is that Martine is a great teacher as well - she put together a few screencasts for me so that I could work away on my own."

    Conor Sweetman - Everyday People Podcast

    "Before I hired Martine, I was stressed-out and overwhelmed with the sheer amount of tasks that come with running a blog, self-publishing books, marketing, designing images, using social media and more. I just didn’t have the time to all this myself. Since hiring Martine, I have more free time to focus on what I love: writing."

    "I know I can count on Martine and I highly recommend her as a freelancer."

    Bryan Collins - Become a Writer Today

    "Martine's advice was kind, constructive and professional. She helped to focus my direction and to see my blog with fresh eyes. The whole experience was fast, detailed and with a strong action plan to take my blog and content to the next level."

    "I recommended her services to every blogger who wants to give their site a fresh outlook."

    Nadia Seaver - Cottage Notebook